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This registration form is to be filled up by anyone who wants to be a part of the Jesus Reigns - National Worship Celebration 2018 on March 15-16, 2018 at PICC Plenary Hall, Pasay City, NCR, Philippines.


  • Appropriate attire shall be required for entry in PICC. Absolutely no wearing of slippers/undershirt (sando) is allowed. PICC reserves the right to refuse entry of any person who is not appropriately attired.
  • Bringing in and conducting the following are strictly prohibited.
    - Drugs and all other forms of contraband
    - Alcoholic beverages
    - Deadly weapons and objects
    - Pets
    - Food and Beverage (other than those served and prepared by the PICC Caterer)
    - Loitering
    - Sleeping
    - Gambling
    - Cooking
    - Eating and Drinking inside halls and meeting rooms during non-social functions
    - Smoking inside Meeting Rooms, Halls, closed corridors and walkways
  • Children below seven (7) years old are not allowed entry to events that do not involve children.
  • Cellular phones and two-way radios must be switched-off inside Meeting Rooms and Halls where events are going on as these interfere with the sound system.
  • Only authorized photographers will be allowed inside PICC to take pictures during the ceremonies.
  • PICC shall exercise full authority within its premises and reserves the right to control, regulate, inspect, refuse entry to or prohibit any person as well as materials considered inimical to or which constitute violation of Philippine laws, and PICC rules and regulations.
  • As the Client who has contracted the use of the PICC facility, you are responsible for any damage caused by your staff, contractors, exhibitors, speakers or attendees. This is intended to help us recover costs for repairing damage to the facility (which exceeds reasonable wear and tear) caused by anyone connected to your event.
  • To make certain this rule is applied fairly; your Event Officer will schedule a “walk-through” on the first move-in day. A second “walk-through” will be scheduled at the conclusion of your event to compare conditions and determine responsibility for any damage or repairs. You will be kept informed of any damage occurring during your event via written reports and/or photographs.
  • Our goal is to keep our facility in good condition so every client enjoys the attractiveness and functionability of the center.